Why Indian parents want to send their kids to college.

Indian parents want to send their kids to college is a wish most parents harbour. The societal moral pressure is too much for them to blurt it. Here are some reasons why. Observations for why Indian parents want to send their kids to college. I just finished my duties of an invigilator at the offline/physical […]

Will colleges open in India? Will they remain the same?

Will colleges open in India? Will colleges open in January? All these questions are on the minds of students right now. The Answer Well, let me answer that question with a YES, a big fat YES. Colleges will open in India. They shall remain more or less the same. The Market needs educated customers and […]

5th September, Teachers Day: Why I do not celebrate it.

5th September Teachers Day is widely celebrated all over India in the memory of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was the First Vice President & then the second President of Independent India. Prologue The moment anyone steps into the academic life, he/she is bombarded with rituals, traditions, and fests that all form a sort of culture. This […]

खरा शिक्षक दिन

खरा शिक्षक दिन  डोळे ठेवा तुमचे उघडे तुम्ही पणाला लावा ज्ञान आठावीस नोवेम्बर हाच खरा शिक्षक दिन! सनातन्यांच्या हातात होती धर्माची तलवार बहुजनांनो रहा अज्ञानी  करीत होती वार सनातन्यांशी करून लढ़ाई दिला आम्हा शिक्षण! सुरवात घरातुन केली सावित्री शिक्षित झाली पहिल्या स्त्री शिक्षिकेला फ़ेकुन मारलय शेण! मारेकरी धाडले होते ठार करायला फुलेंना मारेकर्यना बोले महात्मा […]

Teacher’s Day- A Timeline of Celebrations

5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. Following article is a walk down the memory lane. The School Version: I was introduced to Teacher’s Day in the cultural hot-pot of Maharashtra. Coming from a very liberal and secular school in Andhra Pradesh, I wasn’t indoctrinated with the idea behind Indian Teacher’s day. It […]

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