Author : Anamik Bardo

National Education Policy 2022: Theoreticalization & Flaws

National Education Policy 2022, which is just a plain reiteration of the National Education Policy 2020, boasts to overhaul the Education system thus transforming our society. But is it really so? The following article brings to light the shadow coup to eliminate education from the lives of common citizens. National Education Policy 2022: Nefarious NTA […]

NEET: The NEET-CUET Phenomenon: Part 5

This is the fifth & final part of the NEET-CUET Phenomenon by Prof. Anil Sadgopal. NEET-CUET Phenomenon: Enslavement of Mind As we decode the core agenda of National Education Policy 2022 (NEP-2020), it becomes incrementally clear that it is designed to put India’s vast education system on sale in the global market. Few realize that […]

The NEET-CUET Phenomenon: Part 3

This is the second part of the NEET-CUET Phenomenon by Prof. Anil Sadgopal. The NEET-CUET Phenomenon: Assault on India’s Federal Character Article 1 (1) of the Constitution states: “India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.” The wide-ranging and crucial implications of this vision of the Constitution were deliberated upon by Babasaheb Dr. […]

National Education Policy 2022: The NEET-CUET Phenomenon-Part 1

National Education Policy 2022: Assault on the Constitutional vision of education and Existing Level-Playing Field with Agenda of Exclusion, Corporatisation & Enslavement National Education Policy 2022: Introduction “ . . . certain educationists in India who believe that the raising of the standard of examination is equivalent to the raising of the standard of education […]

Challenges for the Education of the Oppressed-Exploited Castes & Classes

Background The struggle for education in India is multifaceted and deeply intensive. The older the caste system, the older the struggle for education. The Education system works as a part of the Social system. Therefore, it is vital to understand the form and direction of the social system in a broad sense and in its […]

Eligibility Tests: The need for alternatives.

Eligibility Tests: National and State Tests are hot cakes amongst young graduates. And rightfully so, because these tests grant the license to teach in the HE (Higher Education) sector of India. UGC-NET is the bull’s-eye of every post graduate who wishes to teach. Eligibility Test: An Introduction NET (National Eligibility Test) & SET (State Eligibility […]

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