Why Soft Skills Matter?

by Himanshu Shrawan

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In this disruptive era of business, only a few organizations have been able to successfully navigate the disruption.

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These organizations had an adaptable culture, established systems to incorporate change, and trained employees to develop ‘change skills’ and capabilities.

HRs look beyond your academic qualifications to see if you possess these skills.

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Survey from Resume Genius [2024 Hiring Trends Survey] emphasizes the importance of Soft Skills

35% Hiring Personnel look for candidates with Analytical Thinking and Customer Service Skills.


65% HRs chose to look at candidates with relevant skills over those with an extensive employment history or academic credentials.


25% Hiring Personnel consider having Soft Skills as absolutely essential.


54% Hiring Managers believe soft skills are highly important.


48% of HRs have opted not to hire a candidate because of lack of soft skills.


66% of HRs believe soft skills can be taught.


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Consider cultivating and nurturing your Soft Skills to thrive in this new age disruptive industry