Author : Annitya Esadowa

World Geodiversity Day: Appreciating Earth’s Treasures

International Geodiversity Day was first celebrated in 2022 to raise awareness about the abundant resources that our geodiversity provides. We, as a collective human society, aren’t really aware of how dependent we are on it. In the wake of Climate Crisis, the Pandemic, and our unbothered waltz into the future, it has forced us to […]

Courage: Education in time of grief.

Education is the primary piece of advancement of mankind. Education plays a very crucial role in our progress. Human progress is directly proportional to the expansion in the degree of education. The residents of Uvalde understand this pivotal role of education and hence have resumed classes on Tuesday. The people of Uvalde have exhibited such […]

India: Edtech Capital. Bharat: Awaiting access to Education

India: Edtech Capital reads the headlines. Is it actually true or merely a gimmick of the statistics? Just casually read an article on LinkedIn News India. The headline is a clear indication that the pandemic has been successful in unveiling the seamless blind privilege that extends across all vectors. The original news, which is from […]

Why Indian parents want to send their kids to college.

Indian parents want to send their kids to college is a wish most parents harbour. The societal moral pressure is too much for them to blurt it. Here are some reasons why. Observations for why Indian parents want to send their kids to college. I just finished my duties of an invigilator at the offline/physical […]

Jyotiba Phule, the role model for Teachers.

Jyotiba Phule, our Mahatma, is a legend deliberately obscured by those in power to relegate the powerless to be where they are. Suppressing Phule is a ploy to disallow the rekindling of the fire of social revolution. Why Jyotiba Phule For long we have idolised Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a person ill suited for the mantle […]

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