About Us

Brews Action, a place to:

Observe and put your thoughts to words,

Analyze and put your words to the test,


Brew Action in whatever way you can, to make a difference.

We humans are unique, in the sense that we have the ability to reflect on our past actions and make observations, analyze them, and take necessary actions. In the due course of time, owing to the societal and educational structures aka Man-Made Evolution, we have lost this ability.

More often than not, we have caught ourselves thinking about the things that matter. But our routine disallows us from digging in deep and entertaining our thoughts into their full potential. Further, the man-made evolution’s norms make it awkward to discuss upon things. This had plagued the civilization and so we (few amongst us) managed that by hopping on the Social Media.

The longing to be a part of a social group has always been one of the unspoken desires and the underlying needs of humans. The Social Media catered just that. However, that fad soon grew into a business and made us look like our ancestors who couldn’t walk on their two feet. Social Media over the years has become a market of sorts to advertise ourselves and as it always has been with Markets, so was here COMPETITION. This sparked people to be what they were not and present, what is not.

This cluttered space didn’t provide an individual much platform to express and people resumed to blogs and forums. The Blogs and Forums still provide a healthy form of discussion as compared to Social Media.

We, the Brews Action Team decided to bat it out and start something for a lot many folks out there who want to express their insightful observation which prompts to some action. While coming up a name for this platform, we combined the perspective of our team and laid the principles of Observe, Analyse, and Action wherein the primary objective is to Observe, followed by to provide a comprehensive analysis, and encouraging to take action, no matter how small or in-quantifiable it may be.

We welcome you all to this platform and look forward to collaborate on issues that matter to us.